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Atlanta’s Piper Street Sound, a.k.a. Matt Mansfield, teamed up with sensational Kingston-born Reggae vocalist Solution and his own Piper Street All-Stars for this sweet EP based around his ‘How Long’ riddim developed while working with Solution in his small home studio at 899 Piper Street. Soaring vocals from Solution, and brilliant performances from the Piper Street All-Stars- a collection of the ‘Who’s Who?’ of the Atlanta and Athens music scenes including James Keane, Scott Pridgen and Jerry Hendelberg of Dubconscious, Jonathan Lloyd of Cadillac Jones, and Richard Jones of Cherry Royale - bring this expertly-crafted Reggae rhythm to life. Multiple Cuts are offered, with distinct and different moods. In Mansfield’s hands, any one song can become whole albums worth of material through his manipulation at the mixing board.

Piper Street Sound, or Matt Mansfield, as earthlings call him, is a producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist from Atlanta, Ga. His music traverses borders and time periods in a mélange of influences and rhythm. Dub Reggae, Ska, IDM, Afro, Latin, Mid-Eastern, Gypsy- his ability to express himself in the studio knows no bounds. Through diverse live acts including DubConscious, Dialect Trio, FLT RSK, Ghost Project, King Rat, and Dp3, Mansfield has honed his creative and artistic sensibilities into a powerful studio presence with an expansive body of work.


released August 25, 2012



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Piper Street Sound Atlanta, Georgia

Piper Street Sound (Matt Mansfield) is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and sound engineer with a speciality in Dub Reggae. Matt maintains a studio in Atlanta and works as a manager for the Latin American label ZZK Records.

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