Dialect Trio Remixes Vol​.​2

by Various Artists

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This album features remixed versions of Dialect Trio's second album Elements of Style.

Osaka DJ and producer NICE☆J starts things off with his ZUKE & JUKE remix of B’alam. This twitchy, angular treatment of the steady, dub-influenced original track takes its heavy psychedelic sound and jacks up the intensity into the frenetic by adding a host of synths, sound f/x, and an upbeat energetic rhythm arrangement.

Argentine Cumbia-crossover master Damo Naimad explores Chicha De La Piedmont’s airy ambience by rearranging rhythms and f/x, and adding a new synth melody line. The result is a fresh, modern, unhurried sound that stays true to the original’s use of expert percussion and sense of space.

Global Bass Experience jefe and driving force El Guero Unico delivers an intriguing reconstruction of the group’s Saharan-influenced Desert Blues, a pulsing, Acid-Jazz trip out, with EGU providing multiple new instrumental tracks and takes on the original. A trance-like rhythm and several swirling, deconstructed key arrangements center around Russ Bledsoe’s original guitar takes, making ‘Desert Red’ a haunting exploration.

Piper Street Sound wields his IDM hammer and reshapes Funky Clarkston, the album’s most upbeat AfroBluesFunk offering, into a multi-headed digital dinosaur of destruction. Using his library of the group’s original takes and his staggering production know-how, the producer extraordinaire fashions a marching dystopian glitch-fest complete with new themes and melodies, while using deconstructed takes from other Dialect Trio works, all to staggering effect.

Cumbia Digital producer Alejandro Cassis delivers a stripped-down, spaced-out version of Cumbia Clarkston. The interplay between a trap-like rhythm track and expert re-arrangement of the tune’s original latin percussion, combined with interesting ambient vocal samples and tasteful preservation of original melodic content make for a powerful, minimalist thought piece.

Rafael Aragon expands upon Sephardim’s melodic mode with new instrumentation and a reimagined structure. Heady psychedelic keys and swirling guitars give way to a pounding upbeat rhythm that brings the desert to the club, and vice versa.

Elements Of Style’s massive set piece John Brown’s Dreadful Right Hand, in the hands of Columbian Tropical Bass wunderkind Dany F, emerges as a revolving strobe of steady cumbia rhythms over original elements, and frenetic ADD-addled club hardcore. By turns plodding and methodical one moment, then pushed up and over the edge with an ultra-fast champeta beat the next.


released December 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Piper Street Sound Atlanta, Georgia

Piper Street Sound (Matt Mansfield) is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and sound engineer with a speciality in Dub Reggae. Matt maintains a studio in Atlanta and works as a manager for the Latin American label ZZK Records.

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