4 Chichas Brewed on the Piedmont (PSS #126)

by Piper Street Sound featuring Dialect Trio

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Piper Street Sound's 4 Chichas From The Piedmont EP, featuring Dialect Trio, continues their shared legacy of exploring multiple cultures with common themes. Is the peasant corn culture of the rural south reaching towards the corn cultures of Peru and hoping they can get down on some funky music together? Chicha, a psychedelic Peruvian take on the classic Cumbia sound of South America, is primarily guitar-driven and has psychedelic tendencies and the energy of rock n roll. Piper Street Sound and Dialect Trio are based out of the Southeastern U.S., with its own guitar culture, namely folk music, the blues, country and rock.
Here then is an adept synthesis, a blend of Afro-Latin-Indigenous American polyrhythm, soulful "Southern" guitar, and psychedelic sensibilities in applied f/x.

This work consists of four electric guitar instrumentals composed by Mansfield (Piper Street Sound) written specifically for Dialect Trio's sound; gutsy, sinewy, bare boned and always inflected with southern soul. This style is oddly perfect for playing the steady loping feel of Chicha in their own idiosyncratic way. Mansfield’s lead guitar work displays influence from folk, country and blues music connecting this work to the musical traditions of the Piedmont region of the southeast United States, the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Each song is a tribute to a wild growing fruit from Mansfield’s home region imaginarily brewed into a tasty Peruvian chicha! These songs are built on the foundation of Chicha music, with cumbia percussion patterns mimicked from classic Peruvian songs but induced with elements of Funk and Reggae via the barebones finesse of Robby Astrove on the kit. As on most Piper Street Sound releases Yaya Brown provides the layers of fantastic and tight percussion from congas to bongos to shakers and bells along with some help from Bledsoe and Mansfield.


released October 27, 2013

Robby Astrove- Drums
Russ Bledsoe- Rhythm Guitar (Gibson SG), Percussion
Yaya Brown- Congas, Percussion
Matt Mansfield- Bass, Keys/Synths, Lead Guitar (Fender Strat)

Recorded and Mixed by Matt Mansfield at 899 Piper Street Studios in Clarkston, Georgia, USA. Produced by Piper Street Sound (Matt Mansfield)



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Piper Street Sound Atlanta, Georgia

Piper Street Sound (Matt Mansfield) is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and sound engineer with a speciality in Dub Reggae. Matt maintains a studio in Atlanta and works as a manager for the Latin American label ZZK Records.

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